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JDB facilitates the leasing of Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG) and Medium-Term Notes (MTN).

A “leased instrument” is a bank instrument obtained by an investor at a discounted percentage rate. The instruments are leased out by the provider to another party for a term of usually a year. Leased instruments are utilized for several reasons: including loan collateralization, credit enhancement, trade programs/PPP, and leveraging of credit lines.

Bank Instruments Offered for Lease

*Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)
*Bank Guarantees (BG) - fresh cut (FC), slightly seasoned (SS), seasoned (S)
*Medium Term Notes (MTN) - FC, SS, S

JDB facilitates the leasing of PROOF OF FUNDS (POF) from 50M to 500M USD, in support of client transactions such as: real estate closings, trading platforms, proof of liquidity, collateral enhancements, leveraged financing and more. Clients typically choose to use this as a means of demonstrating financial strength and net worth. We offer the most competitive prices with easy and safe procedures

Other Services:
• SWIFTS from 1M to 1B
• Transactional Funding up to 500M (National & International)
• Bank Instrument JVs ( Great for Commodity Transactions)
• We are direct or one away to primary markets of D2 and sugar

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